R.I.P., Common Courtesy, he will never be forgotten…

We are saddened to inform the community that Common Courtesy officially died today. Born with the inception of humanity, ‘CeeCee,’ as he was lovingly referred to by his friends and family, was known for acts of selflessness and genuine altruism throughout his lifetime. Among his many well-known works, CeeCee will be best remembered for social choreography including ‘Holding the Door,’ ‘Thank you,’ and the timeless classic ‘I Will Not Talk on My Cell Phone While Driving.’ His works answered many socially awkward questions, including ‘are ladies, indeed, first?’ At his peak, CeeCee’s inventions and well-documented practices averted wars, introduced many a lady and gentleman and successfully closed billions of dollars in business dealings.

Most recently, CeeCee struggled under the influence of technology and the spread of the ‘Me First’ counter-culture movement. He fought the good fight, with many of his socially accepted standards of behavior enacted into actual laws, which, in turn, were shunned by the public at-large. By his side at the time of death, his good friends, Professionalism, Common Sense and Humility, vowed to carry on the fight.


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